June 2024

NKY Emmaus Community Newsletter

Our June 13th gathering will be at Immanuel Lakeside Church,plus A ICE CREAM SOCIAL EVENT with fellowship starting at 6:15 pm and the gathering at 7:00 pm. Our fourth day speaker will be Victoria Warren WW#49.

Walk Information

We are happy to announce that Beth Dingus will be the Walk Lay Director for WW #50, October 10-13 2024. Please be praying for Beth and the team and be praying for your pilgrim.

Folks inflation has caught up with us, the board has exhausted all attempts to keep our walk cost as low as possible, and unfortunately there will be a price increase.

So starting May 1st through August 1st we will continue use our current pilgrim and team member fee of $195.00, but after August 1st we need to increase the pilgrim fee to $250.00 per person and $200.00 team fee to cover our cost for the weekend. We will have more information available at the gatherings.

I would encourage anyone that knows they have a pilgrim for WW#50 send your money in by August 1st.

Please keep the Biltz family in your prayers with the passing of Tom Biltz he was on MW# 6 and also keep the Gault family in your prayers with the passing of Joe Gault MW#9.

Continue to pray for a shield of protection for our 14 newest community members.

Please make plans to attend our July picnic gathering on 7/11/24 at Devou Park the Volpenhein Pavilion (please use google maps). We will be celebrating our 29th community anniversary!

It is with mixed feelings that the June Gathering will be my last as a member of the Northern Kentucky Emmaus Board. It has been my pleasure to serve as your Community Lay Director. We have seen a lot of changes these last few years. The biggest is the interruption caused by COVID-19, because of Covid we had to cancel and postpone walks and do gatherings on Zoom. I also want to Thank all of my fellow board members for their time and dedication. I ask and pray that the community will come together again and make this the strong community it once was. Please consider serving the Norther Kentucky Emmaus community in any way you can. Come to Gatherings, work behind the scenes at Walks, serve on teams when asked, serve on the board, sponsor a pilgrim on the next Walk. And as always, pray for your community. Thank you for the opportunity to serve.

Your brother in Christ,

Greg Beagle

Northern Kentucky Emmaus

Community Lay Director

De Colores!

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