September 2022 Newsletter and Gathering

September 2022

NKY Emmaus Community Newsletter

“Growing in Grace”

Insects seem plentiful this time of year. . . some are good, some seem to just pester us. But, we can learn from them. For insects do not have an internal skeleton like we do. Instead, their skeleton is on the outside of their body, a tough layer of tissue known as as chitin. Periodically, as an insect grows, he must move out of his old skeleton because it has become too small for him. So the insect goes through the process of ‘molting’. During this process his old outside skeleton splits, usually down the back, and he crawls out of his previous confining quarters. This is a necessary change so that the insect can grow and become what it was intended to be. As believers in Jesus Christ, we sometimes refuse to ‘molt’. We are satisfied to do things the same way we did them in the past. We share our faith the same way. We read the same books, talk with the same people, say the same things. And, in doing so, we limit our spiritual growth. We are confined, fenced in, imprisoned by our own safeguards. We feel comfortable with what we know protected us in the past. Of course, spiritual ‘molting’ is a struggle, can be dangerous. The insect doesn’t just ‘pop out’ of its old skeleton. He has to ‘fight’ his way out. And that makes him vulnerable for a time. But like the insect, believers in Jesus must accept that risk in order to grow. We need to see change as a possibility for growth, not just leaving the security of our old limitations. Peter said it well in his second letter: “. . .grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.” (3:18) May we continue to grow in favor, wisdom and knowledge that is ours in Jesus, the Christ. Amen.

Your brother in Christ,

Greg Beagle

Northern Kentucky Emmaus

Community Lay Director

De Colores!

Our next gathering will be September 8th at Devou Park – Volpenhien shelter please bring your family, the shelter is right next to a play area. We will be eating at 6pm. Please bring your own drink (bottle water will be provided along with ice). We are asking the community to provide the dessert for the picnic. The menu will be hamburgers, hotdogs, Mac & Cheese, & beans.

Women’s Walk #48 is October 20-23 2022 and the application deadline is October 6th the cost this year is $140.00.

The women’s team have had several team training sessions please be in pray for LD Deb Gary and the women’s team.

The pilgrim count is 2. Please don’t wait to invite your pilgrim you want to make sure they can arrange to schedule that weekend off.

You, the sponsor, are the utmost importance to GOD, your pilgrim, the team, and the Emmaus community. Committing to be a sponsor is so much more than “signing people up.” It is the first act of GOD’s unconditional love (AGAPE) to the pilgrim and it starts even before their Walk begins. Good sponsorship is the mortar GOD uses as He sets His building blocks of love, relationships, service, discipleship, perseverance, and grace in a pilgrim’s life. Jesus is the Foundation, GOD is the builder, and it is through you, the sponsor, and the Team that GOD’s love builds a pilgrim’s life to servanthood of Him. A Pilgrim is Royalty A pilgrim is treated like Royalty and this treatment should start, by you, the sponsor even before the Walk begins.

1. Pray with your pilgrim long before the Walk so he/she will feel comforted that this is the Walk GOD is calling them to be part of, stay in contact with them and continue to let them know you are praying.

2. Pick them up as Royalty; carry their luggage. A pilgrim never carries his/her luggage to, or from the Walk weekend. Take you pilgrim to and from the Walk site. A pilgrim should never drive himself/herself to or from the weekend.

3. Take them out to eat before arriving at the Walk site. It is even a nice gesture if you allow them to choose the restaurant. It should be a special place that allows them to feel important (remember Royalty).

4. Stay for the whole “send-off” time. Your job as a sponsor is just beginning for the Walk weekend.

5. Participate in ALL Walk weekend events. This includes Sponsor’s hour (held right after send-off), Candlelight (Saturday night), Closing (Sunday)

6. Agape letters (to be given to the pilgrim during their Walk on Sunday). The sponsor is responsible for sending out request (a secret to the pilgrim) to the pilgrim’s family and friends; and gathering those of love. They need to be dropped off at Candlelight on Saturday evening.

7. Sign up for the Prayer Vigil. Being part of the 72-hr. Prayer Vigil is a great blessing; not only for the pilgrim, but for you, as GOD is carrying out His will through you for the weekend.

8. Help take care of everything that is left at home by the pilgrim so that he/she may not be concerned about anything but what GOD has for them during their weekend. This will entail any, and all things important to the pilgrim (big or small) such as: finding babysitters’ helping with meals, taking those left a home to already schedule events; ex: watering plants, tending animals…the list goes on and on and is very important part for your commitment to be a Sponsor.

9. A Sponsor’s responsibility does not stop after the Walk weekend is over. Help your pilgrim by getting them Involved in a reunion group, go to their 1st Community meeting, showing them how to get started serving in the Emmaus Community.

Are you considering sponsoring? Pray! Ask GOD whom he wants you to sponsor. That person should become the number on person on your prayer list.

1. Ask GOD to start speaking the them now.

2. Ask GOD to place them on the Walk they should attend.

3. Ask GOD to insure they receive the roommate they should have.

4. Ask GOD to place them at the table they should be with.

5. Ask GOD to protect the pilgrim and their family.

6. Pray for the Team of the Walk.

Recommended: Sponsor only one person at a time- if you have more than one, have someone co-sponsor with you so that all the needs of these pilgrims are met, and you do not over-load yourself during the Walk weekend.

Who to sponsor– Emmaus Walk pilgrims are intended to be anyone in Church, i.e., -Church members, leaders, members who have “fallen away” and do not attend anymore, intended to springboard this person to the Spirit within and cause participants to return and begin, or continue to work in their local Churches with a renewed purpose; GOD’s purpose. Even Pastors can attend a Walk for renewed visions for themselves and their Church. It can be anyone that is from a Christian denomination.

Who not to sponsor– It is suggested that:

1. Non-Christians, being those without a relationship with a local church. Again, pilgrims should be those attending Church, so the Walk weekend can equip them for developing Church leadership. (Exceptions can be madeplease talk with an Emmaus Board member if you have someone wanting to attend a Walk that fits this category).

2. Person undergoing an emotional crisis, example: (family breakup, severe grief, etc.) or anyone psychologically unstable.

3. Persons who absolutely do not want to attend. (Do not be persistent with them; pray- GOD’s timing is perfect).

4. Person(s) who cannot attend the entire 72 hours. (A pilgrim is to experience all the LOVE of an entire weekend.)

5. Anyone who is not of a Christian denomination; example: New Age, Jehovah’s Witness, Muslim, Mormon, etc.; due to this fact, we may do more harm to GOD’s work in their lives.

Things to tell your Pilgrim: 1. The type of housing they will be provided.

2. Expect to be at the Walk site from 7pm the first day, (Thursday), until 7pm, on (Sunday).

3. Wear casual comfortable clothing.

4. No contact with anyone outside the Walk weekend except for emergencies. That you, the sponsor, will take care of their phone, watch, and why? – because you want them to experience this special journey without interruption.

5. Tell them what the weekend meant to you, your family, your Church, you job, your community.

6. That there will be fifteen talks – (optional). Tell them there will be praise, worship, communion, prayer, fellowship, love, and laughter.

If asked about Agape letters, or Candlelight, do not lie, but do not mention them otherwise, as these are a very special part of the weekend. Other important information:

All Pilgrim applications require a Pastor’s signature. Any applications received without all the signatures required will be returned to the sponsor for that signature. If your pilgrim does not have a Pastor, please contact a Board member and they will help you with instructions.

ESPECIALLY IMPORTANT: Please, if your Pilgrim has decided not to attend the Walk after he/she has been registered; contact BOTH, the Lay Director of that Walk, and the Registrar. This will ensure that another person on the waiting list for a Walk can get in, and that your Pilgrim’s application and fee may not be processed, and if desired, they may be put on the waiting list for the next Walk. If you have any further questions on Sponsoring, please do not hesitate to contact Board member.


We still have a few open board positions: Music Chair (someone to organize musical talent for gatherings), Assistant Community Lay Director, Team Selection Chair, Outreach Chair, and Fourth Day Chair.

We are also looking for 4th day speakers for upcoming gatherings.