February Newsletter/gathering information

 February 2021 Newsletter
   Please keep Mark Burns and family in your prays with the passing of Ed Burns Mark’s dad.

The gathering for February will be a virtual Zoom meeting gathering there will be music, fourth day speaker, and small groups, so please come, invite your table from your walk and login to join the fun on February 11th @7:00 p.m. We will be sending out a Zoom meeting invite by February 10th. 
Help Wanted: Currently we are looking for a community member that has a passion for music, are music director position is open, the job description is to help lead at the gatherings and to serve on the NKy Emmaus board. If you are interested please contact Greg Beagle or any Emmaus board member.  Help Wanted: looking for individuals or couples who enjoy working with teens to help restart the NKY Chrysalis board. The Upper Room is planning to relaunch the Chrysalis program by late May training will be available. Please contact me if God is calling you. gbeagle64@gmail.com  
Confidence in Serving As we enter the month of February, Valentine’s Day approaches; Thoughts of love inundate the mind and the heart. We tend to focus on the romantic love that is portrayed so heavily in the media this time of year through greeting card commercials and the large displays of holiday gifts and candy. The emphasis is on the affection of the heart, the inner emotional being, of one person for another. We all desire the companionship and comfort that such a relationship could bring. What if we put that same over‐the‐top emphasis on the relationship that God wants with us? How would that look? What would change? This month, instead of letting the commercialism of the “love” holiday overtake us, let’s take control of our emotions and concentrate on seeking God and the love He offers to each of us. Let Him be the passion that fills us to overflowing. We will have an overabundance of deep abiding love that we must share with others through acts of agape service. And, if sharing or serving in that way does not come naturally to you, if you are not sure how or if you can be used of God, then seeking Him with all your heart will surely reveal the answers and instill the needed confidence to step out in faith. “There is nothing more fulfilling than asking God to reveal Himself to you and then letting Him reveal Himself through you.” – Renee Swope. A Confident Heart: How to Stop Doubting Yourself and Live in the Security of God’s Promises Your brother in Christ, Greg Beagle Northern Kentucky Emmaus Community Lay Director