March 2021 Newsletter /Gathering

The gathering for March will be a virtual Zoom meeting gathering there will be music, fourth day speaker, and small groups, so please come, invite your table from your walk and login to join the fun on March 11th @7:00 p.m. We will be sending out a Zoom meeting invite by March 10th. If you like wear some green for St. Patrick’s Day

NKY Emmaus March 2021 Community Newsletter A Broken Heart, The Flame of Love God has never promised anyone that they wouldn’t have to sacrifice or suffer (Psalm 34:18-19) God has never promised anyone that they wouldn’t have to sacrifice or suffer. It is the human condition. Even if we go back to the story of Adam and Eve, they couldn’t have everything, they had to avoid the fruit of the tree in the middle of the garden or they would suffer the consequences. But it looked so good, why was God making them suffer? Well, we know the rest of the story! There will always be something we can’t have, or can’t do. There will always be times when we will suffer for our beliefs. We may do everything right, and still get sick, break an arm or a leg, lose a job, a home, a loved one. Is God punishing us? Of course not! No one escapes. We might look at those who are not righteous, and think that they seem to have it all. We might see wealth or power or fame, but do we really see it all? We don’t see that they, too, get sick, lose people they love, etc. What God promises us is that He will be with us through the sufferings that we endure. Haven’t you sometimes thought, or even said, “I don’t know how people who don’t have faith get through this!” I know I have. Whether it is the loss of a child or a spouse, or losing everything in a fire or a flood, or other type of disaster, I don’t know how they do it. I try to be the best I can be because I am so grateful for the presence of God in my life. What about you? Prayer: Loving God, you don’t promise us a life without pain, but you do promise that you will walk with us through the afflictions that this life brings. Thank you. Amen. Your brother in Christ, Greg Beagle Northern Kentucky Emmaus Community Lay Director De Colores!

Help Wanted: Currently we are looking for a community member that has a passion for music, are music director position is open, the job description is to help lead at the gatherings and to serve on the NKY Emmaus board. If you are interested please contact Greg Beagle or any Emmaus board member. Help Wanted: looking for individuals or couples who enjoy working with teens to help restart the NKY Chrysalis board. The Upper Room is planning to relaunch the Chrysalis program by late May training will be available. Please contact me if God is calling you.