March 2022 Newsletter

NKY Emmaus March 2022 Newsletter 
  We have our next Gathering 3/10/22 at Immanuel Boone Campus 7pm. Attending this gathering would be wonderful showing of your commitment to the NKY Emmaus community. Let’s not keep the light of Jesus under the basket any longer. Let’s come together as the NKY Emmaus Community and shine Light of Jesus so others can experience the love of Christ Jesus!  Calling all Men who have been on the walk to Emmaus we need your help, John still needs two more live- in support team members plus several non live-in support help, we still need 2 TL and 2 ATL, Bob Meyers is leading the music team he still needs 2 more team members, and we still need a ALD. Men we can do this please contact John Poe at Agape is a important part of every walk get a group together or by yourself we need 60 pieces per item. Please be in pray for the team during the month of March as they learn their roles. The walk is a unique experience, carefully planned to provide for the support and growth of the pilgrim thru the silent servant hood of the team involved. If you haven’t talked with your pastor yet about who in your church is ready for this men’s walk call them and if they haven’t been on a Emmaus walk yet invite them.

Blessings all, February is behind us and just like that we are two months into 2022. Time seems to be passing so quickly, after two long years postponing Men’s Walk #48 John Poe and the team have started training for the walk. We are only 51 days away from Men’s walk #48 and the application deadline is April 7th. I am so excited to see what God has in store for us as a community.  “God is working”, do you believe it? I was recently challenged with this thought. My initial answer was yeah; but this one simple truth has just continued to minister to me. I have just marveled at the complexity of it. Do we as followers of Christ really believe that God is working? Do we trust that the creator of the universe is GOD of the universe and He is in control? Do we really believe that he “works all things together for the good of those that believe Him and are called to His purpose? Do we acknowledge how big and good He is, and rest and trust that He alone is God and that HE is working and that he loves us? My job, our job, is to “take His yoke upon us and rest”. Cast all your concerns upon Him and trust that He is working. Please continue to be in prayer over our Community as we move forward with holding Walks, and specifically be in prayer for the upcoming walks of 2022. Get excited for the work that God is doing. Your brother in Christ, Greg Beagle Northern Kentucky Emmaus Community Lay Director 
Spiritual Director corner We will need the Emmaus community to come together to support this Men’s walk by sponsoring pilgrims we need to be talking with our pastors and discuss who is ready. We cannot hold a walk without the pilgrims. We need to completely fill this Men’s walk with pilgrims as it has been over two years since the last walk. There are so many new opportunities to ask a fellow church member to come and experience the Love and Joy that Jesus has to offer. Remember your own joy and love you experienced on your Emmaus walk. This is the time to pass it on to your fellow Christian brother!  De Colores, Geoff Egbers  Chrysalis corner Charlene Burlew is leading the NKY Chrysalis restart. They are currently looking for anyone (adult or teen) who might be qualified and interested in working with Chrysalis. If you have attended the Walk to Emmaus or a Chrysalis Flight (ages 15-18) you are qualified to serve. If interested, contact: Charlene at Sponsorship Corner  As Spring is upon us, we need to really start praying about our upcoming walks! We need to ask God whom do you want me to sponsor on these walks? If you do not want me to sponsor someone, then what can I do to help? If you pray, God will answer! We all have been the recipients of God’s answered prayers! If God is leading you to sponsor and you feel money is as problem (the cost this year is $140.00), please remember we have a scholarship fund for anyone who needs financial help. So do not let money deter you from passing this gift on to someone else! Pray, Pray, and Pray some more! Please prayerfully considering sponsoring someone on these walks and remember this community stands behind you and will help you however they can. All you have to do is ask. If you do sponsor,(sponsorship forms can be found by going to and clicking the sponsorship page) prepare yourself for the many blessings that will come to you as a result of answering God’s call! The blessings are Awesome! Remember Pray, Pray, Pray, and Pray some more! Is God calling you?  De Colores! Vern McKinley 

Prayer Corner /Communication Corner
The prayer is chart is up and running, please go under the website , then go under menu then hit prayer to sign up.

If you like still receive text message reminders such gatherings and walk information, please send me a text with name, phone number and walk number to be added to list.

Mark Burns
Prayer/Communication Chairperson