October 2022 Newsletter

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October 2022                   

 NKY Emmaus Community Newsletter 

Fall is here!! Wow, time is flying by. The great thing about October is that we have a Women’s Walk after 3 years where we will get to see our Father change lives, set captives free, save the lost, guide the seeking, and show all how great His love is. I hope you will come be a part of this awesome weekend. There are many ways you can be involved. You will find those ways here in this newsletter. Come and see what God is going to do!! 

Greg Beagle 

Northern Kentucky Emmaus 

Community Lay Director 

De Colores! 

Women’s Walk #48 is October 20-23 2022 and the application deadline is October 6 th.  Only 5 days so please mail those applications in or contact a board member. 

The pilgrim count is 7. Please don’t wait until the last day to invite your pilgrim you want to make sure they can arrange to schedule that weekend off. 

You, the sponsor, are the utmost importance to GOD, your pilgrim, the team, and the Emmaus community. Committing to be a sponsor is so much more than “signing people up.” It is the first act of GOD’s unconditional love (AGAPE) to the pilgrim and it starts even before their Walk begins. Good sponsorship is the mortar GOD uses as He sets His building blocks of love, relationships, service, discipleship, perseverance, and grace in a pilgrim’s life. Jesus is the Foundation, GOD is the builder, and it is through you, the sponsor, and the Team that GOD’s love builds a pilgrim’s life to servanthood of Him. A Pilgrim is Royalty A pilgrim is treated like Royalty and this treatment should start, by you, the sponsor even before the Walk begins.  

Welcome to our newest board member: Jennifer Meyers- Agape Chairperson. 

Agape is an important part of every walk get a group together or by yourself we need 60-70 pieces per item. 

The pray chat still needs to be filled so please go to the nkemmaus.com web site then click prayer, then women’s walk, then select your days and time. 

We will need your help for the women’s Saturday night meal, community members will be needed to help prep and cook this special meal. More details will be coming after October 6th. 

We still have a few open board positions: Music Chair (someone to organize musical talent for gatherings), Assistant Community Lay Director, Team Selection Chair, Outreach Chair, and Fourth Day Chair. 

We are also looking for 4th day speakers for upcoming gatherings if Holy Spirit is leading you to share your Fourth day message please let us know. 

The women’s team have two team training sessions left to do so please be in pray for LD Deb Gary and the women’s team.  

The October gathering will be at Immanuel Lakeside on the 13th with fellowship at 6:30pm and the gathering at 7pm, we will be praying for the women’s team at this gathering. So please come and join us.