May 2019 Newsletter

 May 2019  Newsletter
** If you like get text message about gatherings, upcoming walks,  please text  859-743-4526  with your name so you can be added to list

**Key dates to remember:
May 9th: 6:00 p.m., the men’s walk number 47 will meet up, 6:30 pm fellowship time for the community, 7:00 pm dinner and fundraiser cost will be a free will offering, 7:30 pm gathering starts, located Alexandria UMC 8286 West Main Street Alexandria, Ky

May 21: 6:30 pm Monthly Board meeting

May 2019                    
 NKY Emmaus Community Newsletter 

REMEMBRANCE… Remembering His words.. 

“Do this in Remembrance of Me.” 
These are the words of Jesus to his Disciples at the Last Supper.

Luke 24: 30-31—”When he was at the table with them, he took bread, gave thanks, broke it and began to give it to them. 31 Then their eyes were opened and they recognized him, and he disappeared from their sight.”

For many of us, we have listened to these words and have been blessed to let them sink in over the course of the last 2 weekends. 
Their eyes were open and they were made aware of the Risen Christ.

We are united with Christ when we believe. This is a uni-lateral action of God (Justifying Grace) . We are then called to walk with the Lord, which is communion with the Lord. This takes action on our part. It is through this com-munion and fellowship that our relationship grows. 
Fellowship with God is strengthened in many ways, as we learned. One is through fellowship with other believers. 
All that was presented over the course of the two weekends was to allow you to draw closer to God and to experience His Love for you. 
We encourage you to visit a Fourth Day group and where needed, speak to your sponsor about starting a new one. 
This is Communion with Our Lord & a wonderful way to draw closer to God. ~ De Colores 


Romans 12:5 states; “So in Christ we,, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others.” 
For those who have not taken the opportunity to become part of a Fourth Day group, we encourage you to do so. Much of our success as disciples and as Christians relies on fellowship. 
Through fellowship, we are able to continue to grow and to encourage others in their walk.

Gratitude: Thank you Lord, for your loving grace. Thank you for your loving presence during our recent walks. We humbly fall at your feet and pray that those who have recently experienced your love and kindness become a light and disciple for you Lord. 
May we all learn to grow in your likeness and walk humbly with you!
Our next gathering will be May 9th at Alexandria UMC 8286 West Main Street Alexandria, Ky.The men from walk #47 will meet at 6pm, fellowship for the community will start at 6:30 and the dinner fund raiser will start at 7pm and gathering will begin at 7:30pm. 

Your brother in Christ,
Greg Beagle
Northern Kentucky Emmaus
Community Lay Director
De Colores!