NKY Women’s walk number 47 update information!!

Hello Northern Kentucky Emmaus since the walk is a GO!! As of October 3, 2019 at 8:00 pm,Here are the pilgrim names , we can starting praying over them: Caitlin C,Sandra D,Gloria F,Gina H,Whitney H,Gina, H., Melissa I,Victoria, K., Kelly J,Wanda L, Kat M.,Teresa M,Kaori N,Etoyle N,Shirley O, ,Lyndsay P., Valeria R ,Roctanya R,Evelyn R,Anna R,Lisa S,Marget S, Lisa S., Margaret S., Sarah S, Emily S., Gale S., Lisa T, Tresa W.

Here is the team names we can pray over them too:Linda SM,Kathy E,Cathy T,Lori B,Sara B,Beth D,Christi P,Aimee B,Geri C,Krista H,Maleah R,Marla S,Joani W,Cathy E,Angela J,Alissa M,Michelle OD,Cindy V,Candace W,Missy M,Kim S,Kathy D,Betty H,Cheri W,Deb G,Kathy B,Charlene B,Melinda C,Jill A,Kimberly D,Lorna M.,TJ N,Kelly R,Kathy CH,Renee J,Adam L

The prayer is still up and running ,please go under our website at nkemmaus to sign up: Please continue praying for pilgrims, team member and fill up the prayer chart.

We need snacks and desserts made for the Women’s walk, here is the link for the sign up sheethttps://www.signupgenius.com/go/30E054BAAA82EA4FF2-womens.

GOD bless you all Mark Burns Northern Kentucky Emmaus Communication chair, walk number 35 table of Matthew!!👏👏🙌🤝🙏