August 2020 Newsletter

August 2020 
 NKY Emmaus Community Newsletter 

  I Draw Near You in the present moment. Seek to enjoy My Presence in the present: trust and thankfulness are your best allies in this quest.
When you wallow in the past or worry about the future, your awareness of Me grows dim. But the more you trust Me, the more fully you can live in the present, where My Presence awaits you always. Speak to Me frequently: “I trust You, Jesus.” “I love you, O Lord, my strength.” These short prayers keep you close to Me—confident that I’m lovingly watching over you.
It’s important for you to grow not only more trusting but more thankful. A grateful attitude is essential for living near Me. Ingratitude is offensive to Me, and it drags you down both spiritually and emotionally. Remember that you are receiving a kingdom that cannot be shaken—no matter what is happening in your life or in the world. This means that you have a constant, unshakable reason to be thankful. Stay anchored to Me and enjoy Me and enjoy My Presence by giving thanks in all circumstance.
Will we not able to get together this month, will we have to wait we are still questioning the uncertainty of the future, whatever the case, please be in prayer.
St. Anns has had to shut down their facility again plus they can’t have any overnight retreats at this time or allow only 2 people per table, so when the board had our July zoom meeting we decided to move the Men’s walk to April 22-25, 2021 and pray that conditions improve next year.

Subject:  Fourth Day Reunion Groups
When did the original walk to Emmaus end?  Was it with the breaking of bread with Jesus in Emmaus?  I don’t think so.  Luke tells us Cleopas and his friend rushed back to Jerusalem to report their discovery of the resurrected Lord to the eleven disciples.  So then, did the walk to Emmaus end with the return trip to Jerusalem?  Again, I think not.  The message of God’s love expressed through the resurrection of Jesus eventually spread throughout the world.
When did your personal walk to Emmaus end?  Was it with the Sunday closing or did it continue with a Fourth Day Reunion Group.  The Reunion Group experience is vital to reinforcing the spiritual revelation you felt on your Walk, but some people find forming and maintaining Reunion Groups to be difficult.  A natural way to start is with other participants from your own church, or with participants from other churches who live close by.  Someone simply needs to take the initiative.
The Board is standing by to help.  Through participation in our own Reunion Groups we have experience with Fourth Day meetings, and ideas about getting groups started.  If you’re not already a part of an active Reunion Group, we should be able to connect you with one.  If you want to start a group, we should be able to help you do that also.  What we suggest you do is this:  Revisit the feeling you had as your Walk ended and commit yourself to renewing and building on that experience by actively participating in a Reunion Group.  You might find that simply revisiting your experience is enough to fuel the initiative in yourself to seek out or start a Reunion Group. Please contact Lori Berry email:
Your brother in Christ,
Greg Beagle
Northern Kentucky Emmaus
Community Lay Director