July 2019 Newsletter

July 2019
NKY Emmaus Community Newsletter

Happy Birthday! The NKY Emmaus Community is celebrating our 24th year as a community this month!!

How Great Thou Art
Good things take time. Take for example that stellar hymn, “How Great Thou Art” . It was first
started by Carl Boberg in response to his perceptions of the power and grace of God, following a
powerful storm in 1885. Then in the mid-1940’s Stuart Hine added two additional verses. And
finally, in the 1950’s, as a part of the Billy Graham Crusades, the hymn became popularized by
George and Beverly O’Shea. And finally, the entire song was published in 1995 in the New
Century Hymnal in its current popular form. That is 100 years to make a beautiful, spirit driven
song. It demonstrates the patience, faith, vision, and path paid out before all those involved to
make the popular hymn a reality.
It is much the same with our Servanthood and our Walk to Emmaus experiences. We are on the
path and we are moving in the right direction. We just have to be patient, have faith, and be
willing to embrace our roles as we move through our servant leadership within the Lansing Area
Emmaus Community, our own church, and our lives.
Just remember, it took 100 years to make a beautiful song. Perhaps, we can be a little patient and
put our faith into action.

The women’s walk #47 Lay Director is Cathy Travis, the women’s walk is October 17th – 20th at St. Ann’s. Please put Cathy in your prayers for team formation and be praying for pilgrims for walk #47.

Our next gathering will be July 11th at Immanuel Lakeside 2551 Dixie Highway Lakeside, Ky, fellowship starts at 7pm and gathering will begin at 7:30pm.

Your brother in Christ,
Greg Beagle
Northern Kentucky Emmaus
Community Lay Director

De Colores!